About Us

NO:ID Gallery is a promotion agency in East London, a network in the creative industry, a gallery in Whitechapel, and an invitation to question identity, art, and the (re)production of art.

NO:ID is a creative hub for practitioners from all areas of the arts, both visual and time-based, and sets up events giving presence to live music, performance, theatre, and visual arts, both fine art and rough art.

NO:ID acts as agency for the artists involved. We produce websites, flyers, photographs, cover artworks, t-shirts, and so on.

The project started as a loose collective setting up exhibitions in various venues. Rather than being venue management or a shop, the gallery is a movement that involves many projects.

We send out an e-listing that keeps you informed about events where fine arts meet live music and performance art. We focus primarily, but not exclusively, on East London.

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